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  1. Looks good bro. Thats gonna be my next tire size that i will be going with and ofcourse it will be the Duratrek as well.At the moment i have the oem size 245/70 R16 on 16 inch pro comp rock crawlers.
  2. You didnt say anything about your Thermostat. When was the last time you replaced it, could be sticking a little.
  3. I think its normal for these trucks to have a little bit of shift feel when shifting to 2nd gear coz mine does that too specially when its cold, and goes away as it warms up. Some might shift harder than the others. The reason iam saying coz when i was lookin to buy this truck i test drove about 5 of them and they all had the same shift feel and some felt harder than the others.
  4. I have replaced mine not too long ago with a all metal radiator from radiator.com. It has brass tanks top and bottom with a aluminum core. Iam very happy with it so far.
  5. Nope i didnt, not worth my time for something thats worth around $20 for oem.
  6. Well everyone, iam happy to let you guys know that today i finally solved my over heating issues. I replaced the oem clogged up Rad with CSF all metal rad with aluminum core and brass upper and lower tank. While we were there we also replaced the thermostat just for a peace of mind. There couldnt be a better day to test the truck than today coz the temp here in Toronto is 35 deg celcius with humidex over 40. Took it out for over 30 mnts drive in the traffic with a/c on and the needle just stayed in normal mark which is exactly at 1/2 for my truck. Yesterday the needle started climbing within 20 mnts without the a/c on. So this confirms that there shouldnt be any more over heating issues and by the way when we looked inside the old rad with a light the tubes close to the filler mouth were all clogged up. Thanks all for your opinions and inputs...cheers.
  7. Well guys i just got back from a 40 mnt drive and the truck did the same thing. With the a/c on it went higher but a/c off it fluctuated between 1/2 and 3 1/4. So after all the opinions and answers i have made up my mind to replace the Rad. I found out that the all aluminum rad for our 3.3's have been discontinued, so iam going with all metal which has the brass tank upper and lower and a 3 core. If anyone here have any experience or opinions on the all metal rad please let me know coz iam going to order it on monday....thanks all
  8. Well thats how it started ,without the A/C on which will make the gauge travel little over 1/2 and with A/C on it will climb to 3 1/4. My service advisor at the nissan dealer who has put over 20 years there is highly recommending the Rad also.
  9. This might be the next procedure i will try if it continues to over heat which i will find out tomm. I will keep you guys updated...Thanks
  10. I would like someone else to do this procedure for me... lol. I just dont feel comfortable removing a Rad cap on a over heated engine coz i heard too many stories of steam burn. I replaced the Prestone rad cap that i had with a Nissan oem one today thinking the prestone could have been faulty opening up too soon to release the coolant into the recovery tank creating air pockets. Well tomorrow gonna be a pretty hot day here in Toronto, so i will find out on my home from work if its still over heating.
  11. Well guys i completed the burping procedure today after work. There wasnt much air bubbles at all in the cooling system but i did hear a Woosshh when i removed the Rad cap. After completing the procedure i took her out for a road test with A/C on and sure enough within 20 mnts the gauge climbed to 3 1/4 again. Turned the A/C off and it dropped down just a bit but stayed above 1/2 mrk. Whats the reason behind A/C to cause over heating of the cooling system. This time i wanna narrow it down to the main cause of over heating instead of just throwing a new part that may not be related to the problem. I am really leaning towards the Rad coz its still the original and never replaced. I can get a all metal Rad here for around $300. Also little confused with the difference between all metal and all aluminum but iam sure both are better than plastic tank Rad. Any other thoughts regarding this issue from anyone will be really helpful.
  12. Thanks guys for sharing your experience and all the inputs. I didnt know that these motors can create air pockets on its own. I will try these procedure tomm and i hope this will solve the problem.
  13. Thanks, know what you mean coz my 03 Maxima with VQ35 always stays a bit below halfway no matter how hot it gets out there and so did my previous 91 Max. Since i owned my Pathy it always stayed @ 1/2 mark until this summer. After posting this i went out and blew out the fins from both sides with a pressure washer and also used my air compressor to dry and test the air flow. It got no blockage from either side anymore. I idled the truck on my driveway for about 15 mnts and than took it out on the road in the rush hour traffic for about 15-20 mnts with A/C on and after 10 mnts it climbed to 3 1/4 again. I turned the A/C off and the needle dropped just a bit but still stayed above 1/2 mark. Its still @ the Max mrk on the reservoir and up to the neck in the Rad, dosent leak or burn much coolant. Getting little frustrated with this situation coz i never experienced overheating with any of my vehicles before. I did some research and found out that r50's are common for this but more of the 3.5s than 3.3s. Now my next guess would be internal blockage of the Rad tubes and may be shopping for a quality one from tomm, may try to get the all aluminum one if i can here in Canada. I would preciate if anyone have anymore thought on this or a good brand of rad for our trucks.
  14. Hello guys, this happend twice since last week. My r50s temp gauge climbed to around 3/4 within 30 minutes of driving on hot and humid days like today(28 deg ). When it happend last week i ended up replacing the fan clutch oem from nissan and today it did it again so that fan clutch is not the issue and i wasted my money. From what i remember that last summer my temp gauge was exactly @ the 1/2 mark and now iam kind of nervous about going for a long drive till i fix the problem. The truck has 135,000 kms and the water pump and the thermostat was replaced last year with a fresh coolant at the Nissan dealer. I also replaced the rad cap but Rad is still original and have some kind of build ups outside on the fins facing the fan and the opposite side as well. Thanks...

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