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  1. Like the information you provided here. But I have a Question that someone here might know. My kid bought a 1988 XE 4x4 and the engine (V6 3.0) was messed with to the point that the kid he got it form removed almost all vacuum lines from the manifold and TBI. Missing also was the air cleaner,canister and even the A.I.V system wasn't in the truck. So we hit the wrecking yards around here only to find a piece here and a piece there. I got everything he needed, hooked the stuff back up, but no reference where some of the vacuum hoses go. When getting the parts like I said it was a hit and miss and nothing was complete to look at. Does anyone have any good pictures (like the TBI pictures) they could share and post. We even found the fuel pressure regulator hose connected to the manifold vacuum, and the TBI we got from a guy has it just like what is shown in the picture connect to a port on the TBI. Thanks in advance for your help on this. Drew Vancouver, WA
  2. Okay I have been doiing mostly toy's! But my boy threw me a curve and got a Nissan! That's okay as

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