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  1. I did not keep the console lid cover unfortunately. I do have the Yakima roof rack cargo net, never used... I sold the IPF lights with the bumper I do not have any driving light shells Thanks for your interest though Delta! I've gone ahead and tried to PM everyone on here. If anyone is still interested and hasn't gotten a response, feel free to email directly moving forward at jeanmarcelgutierrez@gmail.com Thanks everyone!
  2. Hi Everyone! It's been a rough month as my computer got stolen and I've been dealing with that fun ever since. As a result, I put everything on hold that I was selling as I've had to spend some effort recreating everything I lost. I'm now finally getting re-organized and figured I would post once again. Wish everyone the best! If anyone is still interested in any Pathy parts that I previously listed, PM me or email me at jeanmarcelgutierrez@gmail.com. Here is what I have: 1. Yakima Roof rack with spare tire carrier, shovel carrier, and hi lift carrier. 265/75 spare tire on 16x7 pro comp rim, hi lift, shovel. Also have rack net. 2. Thule Helum 970XT Bike Rack for hitch (brand new) 3. ARB Bumper with Warn M8000 winch, IPF recessed and off-road lights 4. Nissan floormats and wintermats, rear cargo cover, change holder, cargo nets for trunk, 6 disk tray 5. Rock Road Super Sliders 6. ARB towing kit (straps, snatch block, d-rings, etc..)
  3. Good afternoon everyone! For starters, I'd like to thank everyone for their kind words and thoughts. Above everything else, I am glad that no one was injured seriously. Unfortunately the Pathy didn't survive. I will however say that this vehicle is extremely safe and I was impressed at the level of impact it was able to take. I am going to PM everyone in regards to your inquiries now. Thank you again as it has been an honor being part of this community. I would love to get another Pathfinder, but I am in the process of purchasing my first home and the timing couldn't have been worse. In turn, I'm hoping that each part of my vehicle will go to a new great owner. Just make sure to get everything muddy!
  4. I also forgot to mention that I am selling a AC off-road kit (deluxe bilstein) as well. I had bought it 2 years ago to have a back-up in case it no longer existed down the road.
  5. Hi everyone, My Pathfinder got totalled on the way to work (rear - ended) and I've gone ahead and stripped off most of my off-roading parts. If anyone has an R50 and is looking for the following, please feel free to PM me. - ARB Front Bumper - Warn M8000 Winch + Accessories - IPF recessed and off-road lights (4 total) for Bumper (ARB recommended lights) - Rocky Road Supersliders - Yakima Roof rack - Shovel + mount / HI LIft Jack + mount / 265/75 R16 Dick Cepek Mud Country M/T + mount + brand new rim - ARB towing kit (straps, snatch block, d-rings, etc..) - Cargo Cover - Nissan Pathfinder stock mats + stock winter mats - Manual (1999.5) - Disk Tray for trunk 6 disk player - Original Spare Tire + Rim - Cargo Nets for storage area - Cargo Barrier Net for storage area * Everything is in great condition and comes with all assembly parts / pieces needed. * I'll miss my truck! She had 213K on her. Best vehicle I've ever had in my life. * * Located in Denver, CO.
  6. I never followed up on this one with everyone... my apologies. No luck on the relocation... wah wahhh
  7. I couldn't agree more! I've had some terrible experiences with them and will never go back! They sent me broken equipment and after calling and leaving several messages (could never get anyone live) they never bothered to make things right. They definitely need some competition... and the truth is... you can get pretty much everything you need for your R50 elsewhere. Rocky Road Outfitters are great! And a local shop can always get any additional parts you might need if you can't find em' online.
  8. tekazgtr1984 - Thanks for the FYI. J.Jackson asked me to send him some pics to be 100% sure. I'm hoping it's a go.
  9. Does this missing link get in the way of the Front Skid Plate from AC in any way? It definitely looks like a worthwhile improvement!
  10. The Oil Filter Relocation Kit that I bought wasn't from A/C. I got a recommendation from a buddy at the shop and am going to give it a shot. I'm still waiting on the part as it's been on back order but will have an update soon! I know that the biggest challenge will be the R50 itself but I'm gonna give it a shot just for fun! In regards to the Skid Plates, I've had good luck with mine with the exception of the rear differential skid. I actually had to replace the first one and the second one was manufactured so poorly it didn't even fit. I didn't bother trying to return it and just took a loss on the part. My biggest issue with the front skid is having to remove it each time for an oil change. I've had to re-drill holes and as a result, thought that I would give the Oil Filter relocation kit a try. Thanks for all the feedback. I think it would be great to get a good review post going for all aftermarket parts available for the R50. This way, we can all save each other a little bit of time and effort when it comes to testing. I'd also like to mention that I've had great luck with the A/C lift, as its been great both on and off road. You win some, you loose some...
  11. I'd like to take this opportunity to review 3 items recentely installed for the r50. It's always fun and sometimes painful to test new aftermarket parts. Here are the results from some recent "upgrades" - 1. 4x4parts cv axles - these are the worse I've owned to date. I had a boot split within 1000 miles And never wheeled it once! Just locked the hubs for a late spring storm. I wi be going back to stock this week. I'm really shocked as they looked pretty good and was looking forward to going down to Moab this next weekend. 2. 4x4parts rear sway bar disconnect - failed after one mild use. Left link failed and is now warped. Definitely liked the additional articulation. Didn't care for all the rattles. I may give this one a second try. I like having the option for a disconnect as this is my daily driver. 3. 4x4parts rear tail light brush guards - sturdy construction, but do not fit. I might play with these and see what I can do. I left a vm with ac and am waiting to hear back. I've had great luck with the spring lift using stock strut mounts and ok luck with some of the skids. Don't mean to bash but this is just rediculous! All equipment was properly installed. I'm waiting on an oil filter relocation kit to test out. Hope to have that reviewed soon.
  12. I found a kit that should work. I will keep everyone posted. Hopefully this is the last time I remove those skids!
  13. In regards to the upper and lower links from rugged rocks and AC lift from 4x4parts, do ya'll think it's a good idea to replace the Front Lower Control Arm Front Bushings, Front Lower Control Arm Rear Bushings, Pan Hard Rod Bushings, Trailing Arm Bushings, and coil spring rebound bumpers at the same time? I just noticed that AC has all these parts and I'm wondering whether its worth it to replace these parts while I'm working on the suspension... Thanks for your opinions!
  14. I got the new CV Axles installed and tested and I like them alot. They definitely look pretty beefy and I'll have to see how they hold up over a summer of wheeling. I'm also in the process of installing my 2nd AC Lift (wear and tear) and am planning on getting those upper / lower links to go with it. Has anybody sampled them yet?

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