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  1. i figured all that was incorporated into the sas. so this is just using the same old axle then huh.
  2. i am taking it to a shop instead for 100 bucks they are going to mount the tranny to the block which is where i am snagging. ben
  3. umm is int that a sas or whats the diff?
  4. sticker on the pumpkin says LSD oil only
  5. only one i can answer is a pumpkin is the big ball on your axles that holds your ring and pinnon. its where your drive shafts attach.
  6. ok guys in denver i need some help getting my tranny in place tomorrow. any takers?
  7. B i cant tell is that sarcasm or real? lol.
  8. only thing being i paid for nothing. they did not even try to aligne it cause i had the exhaust disconnected and they were saying you have to drop the whol axle to get at the manifold that was leaking. so it was pointless to align it. i wanted to slap him.
  9. ok so they told me they could not align my pathy cause the wheel bearings were loose. they would do it for 99 bucks told me all they would do is pack it with new grease i said i can do that. well i get it home to start my clutch replacement. and i wiggle the wheel. my lug nuts were loose. tightened em up poof wiggle gone. asshats. i am never going there again.
  10. i did not know any thing past 91 had a 2dr. and that them were really hard to find in the US?
  11. hey jay got any pics of them legos painted black i was thinking the same thing wanna see what it looks like though. any prep?
  12. no worries i did not think to look in the manual to see if there were specs on how to do the torsion bars. but of course dropped it realised they were wrong jacked it back up see the manual in the front seat and think DUH!!! open it o secion 11 there its is first thing listed. freaking A right lol. as to your problem though use a rag and some vice grips or channle locks it will come
  13. I never thought i would be saying this but here goes..... loki you should really start a new thread wiht that topic..but before you do that you should search arround i think i even started a topic like this. also its all personal preferance and depends on what type of wheeling your going to do.
  14. i did not think this was a dead horse. huh my bad.
  15. so how much longer can we go with shocks in the back? (stock)

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