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  1. Well, I'm a traitor. Came across a really good deal on a 08 Wrangler X and the dealer offered me $3000 for my Pathfinder (like a $1000 more than I thought I'd get). So now I'm a Jeep owner. Thanks to everyone for your help during my tenure as a Pathy owner. And to the board owners for maintaining this corner of the net, I would have had a much harder time without it.
  2. Well, looks like this is a moot discussion, both sold on Saturday...talk to the guy today by phone.
  3. yes, I know all vehicles have issues. There are some "issues" that I'm simply not prepared to deal with, like a catastrophic failure due to poor engineering design. Especially when the manufacturer essentially denies it's a problem, extended warranty or not. Bad engineering once, is bad engineering repeated. It's the reason I don't buy Ford or GM vehicles.
  4. know what, nevermind...I'm not getting anywhere near the radiator/transmission and timing belts issue in these years and models. In case you don't know what I'm referring to, google, "2007 pathfinder transmission problems"
  5. OK, so I'm still shopping for a new vehicle. One of my local dealers has 2 vehicles on thier lot: 1) 2007 Pathfinder SE 4x4 "Off-Road" package, 79K miles, $14,900 2) 2006 XTerra X 4x4, 95K miles, $11,900 Both have the 4.0L V6 and 5 speed auto tranny. Just is case it matters, I don't do any serious off-roading. My driving is 90% below 55. 50% smooth paved roads, 25% crappy paved country roads, 20% dirt roads, 5% no roads. In the winter that 20% dirt turns into mud, so I need the 4 wheel drive. I can afford either. I won't be modifying them, stock capabilities and features are sufficient for my needs. Any thoughts, concerns, pointers? Is the pathfinder worth the extra $3K? I know this is the pathfinder place, but I figured you guys can give me honest opinions.
  6. 70's datsun...not sure of the model
  7. Though it's the more expensive option, I would save up and get the new OEM control arms w/ bushings. That's what I'm doing, after my mechanic wasn't able to source new bushings. Yes, I know I could get poly bushings, but suspension work is beyond my DIY skills and tools.
  8. Well, then, if you have the know-how, tools and time to replace an entire engine, you can do the cam-seals for the $50, or whatever they cost, yourself and you wouldn't have to spend $500 for a new engine, or $1400 for shop labor, would you? But that's completely beside the point, the OP asked what it would cost to have the cam-seals replaced (presumably by a shop).
  9. where are you going to get an engine and get it installed for $500?
  10. LOL, around here for 500, you get scrap metal. Shoot, I've been looking for a car with better mpg for my wife. For $1500 these are the kind of cars I find: 92 Saturn, blown head gasket 99 Civic, transmission blown 88 Accord, no reverse, needs tires, suspension, crash damage repair, and they don't have a title 04 Ford Minivan, bring your own wheels and tires cuz it don't have any, no 2nd gear, no lights, odometer broken Sorry to get off topic.
  11. Put in another what for 500? Auto parts and labor must be really cheap in Canada.
  12. Had a leak in the same place on my 99. It turned out to the be the cam seals (the other choice was the head gasket). It was around $1400 for labor and parts. Basically, it's a timing belt change with the cam seals. My cost was probably a little higher than average, but I have a good mechanic that I trust, which is worth the extra cost to me.
  13. johnm

    frontier nismo

    Thanks for the replies. I sent the sales-dude an email on wednesday and got one back on thursday "oh, um, sorry that truck has been sold for weeks." Which begs the question, who maintains your website? I went through the same thing for weeks looking for my pathfinder. Looks like we are going to have a long search. Have I mentioned I hate car shopping?
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