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I bought a HP Dana 44 again and some parts, then got smoking deal on a waggy 44, decisions!

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So I had collected parts to start my SAS and then life got busy and sold all the parts. I did some trading for a HP 44 out of a 76 F-150 and bought back the gears I sold the last time I tried to do this. I was going to narrow and run a waggy shaft on the long side. So I stopped in at the local 4wd shop to ask where the best place to find shafts. And the manager walked me in back to a pallet with a wagoneer 44 with flat top knuckles. So now I own both the popular options for pathfinder SAS!I have a trail gear hanger and Toyota springs. My plan is to get it driving down the road, then put gears/locker and drive line in. Now I'm tossed which one to use, and I'd really like to use one and not combine them because I would like recoupe a little bit of money.

So my questions:

With a HP do you still need a double cardon driveline? Or will a standard 2 ujoint style be fine?

I'm nervous to buy rear springs until I find out how tall the front is going to be, I plan on doing the long arm 5 link as nissan but laid out.

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I am on my second nissan SASd rig, and both had low pinion 44s and neither used a double cardan shaft. I've never had an issue with slip yoke length nor yokes binding. I like using the first gen xterra shafts.


As to which axle to run, I'd go with the F150 axle, only because it's full width. Staying narrow never appealed to me personally.


Finally, I'd do a true 4 link in the rear. A panhard bar adds complexity and causes a bit of rear stead that isn't necessary if you triangulate the ; links properly.

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