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  1. 11 minutes ago, hawairish said:


    Thanks for the shout out!



    Unfortunately, bumpers from us won't become a reality as soon as we'd like (surely not within the timeframe you're looking), but they are on the long term road map.  The Coastal bumper appears to be a great alternative, so we won't hold a grudge if you do go that direction, lol.


    I just purchased my pathfinder about a month ago so I have many “to do’s” on my list.  


    I started following you and will be looking forward to new products you will be releasing in the future.  ??

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  2. Hello everyone.

    I’ve been searching for a vehicle to take on adventures with me wherever I go.  After doing some research for a vehicle with good off road capabilities, reliable, easy to work on, and great looks, in my opinion.  I’ve decided to go with the R50 pathfinder.  I came across a clean 2002 SE and couldnt pass up the opportunity to make the purchase.  

    I’m happy to be apart of the community and will post more photos of my progress as I go.  

    Thanks for having me. 


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