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  • Legacy

    My pathfinder is bone stock in great shape but hi miles 200,000,00+. My son and daughter are getting to the age of camping. 9 and 4yrs. My goal is the make this into a project car
    like i had with my dad growing up. i want to to make it a overlander rig without going to crazy yet? i want to get it lifted 3 to 4". Get a skid plate and Pumpers on it. Go camping where i want. explore trails without the fear of getting stuck and learn how to overland along the way.

  • smiddly

    Hello to all Pathfinders
    Hi I just bought a 1993 pathfinder SE.Don't know much about it yet. Pick it up next week. I'm really excited to find a good forum group for some pro tips Smiddly,

  • Alfred13Ramirez

    Hello everyone, thanks for letting me be a part of your community. I m looking forward to hearing from you all as well as possibly meeting up to hang out or doing some off roading. 

  • francis

    Will a Sunex 10202 4 wheel drive spindle nut work on the 1995 pathfinder front axle nuts. Need to know before I start taking things apart    Thank you

  • Ammos

    Hello fellow path finders owners I am looking for some help I lowered the sub frame just gunna drill out the subframe drop spacers I made . Did any of you guys make a spacer for the engine mounts i am just not to sure if any one did or not thanks 

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