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  • Gregspinosa

    Wazzup my fellow nissan ninja's

  • Adolph

    I do not own a Pathfinder but my wife and all our 4 kids have had or currently have Nissan products. Our oldest daughter has a 2014 Pathfinder. My son had a high mileage used 1989 Pathfinder (3.0L, 5 speed, 180,000+ miles) in college about 20 years ago - it was a blast to drive. It developed an exhaust leak which we had planned to fix, but he got rid of it before we repaired it. He is now a sales manager at a Nissan Dealer!!
    I am a retired mechanical engineer and enjoy old cars. I am currently getting my first new car road ready again. It is a 1972 AMC Ambassador, and it is the first car our kids ever rode in. I also have a 1968 AMX 390. I am a member of the AMC forum.
    The purpose of joining this forum is because I found a storage tub with about a dozen parts (most NOS genuine Nissan) that we bought for my son's Pathfinder but never used. I want to give forum members first shot at them before I go to Craigslist or other outlets. 
    I also will enjoy reading about the adventures of forum members.

  • Pathypete

    Hay everyone just wondering if anyone has done any upgrade to the engine for more power at all no turbo or supercharger 

  • SpecialWarr

    I miss my Pathfinder.... not the 16mpg.... but I have officially requested an authorization to replace the frame with a custom build, cross your fingers for a thumbs up!!

  • TomDDS

    Hello everyone. Glad to be here with you all. 

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