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  • zakzackzachary

    It's that time of year again to start tracking down some chains if you don't have any for those winter exploration mission!

  • alexgibbons

    Hi, I’m new to the forum with my 02 Pathfinder LE I’ve had for about 5 months ago. I’m slowly trying to build my pathy on a budget. Would love to talk to others about theirs for inspiration!

  • eli_rome03

    Is it a good idea to plasty dip my wheels black

  • eli_rome03

    What is a good cheap tuner for a 99

  • MrJim

    Snohomish county in Washington is apparently a haven for car thieves.  
    Now my 1988 Pathfinder has been stolen, partially stripped and damaged.  I got it back, but it was no longer drivable. The radiator was blown apart and a bunch of wiring was torn out of engine compartment.  I had insurance coverage through state farm, but they are doing all they can to get out of paying for the claim.  They sent Kim Robinson to talk with me about the claim this week, but it was really a 2 hour interrogation and not at all intended to resolve the claim.   I was insuring a lot through State Farm until that meeting.  My monthly premiums were over $400 for my Carver Yacht, 2006 Truck, the Pathfinder, and renters insurance.  Now everything has been moved to Progressive and Metro Mile Insurance companies.  
    She asked me stuff like how long I worked for my employer, why I chose to not insure some of my vehicles for periods of time. Why I owned some vehicles that I didnt drive daily. Essentially, she was convinced I am trying to do something shady and she is on a fishing expedition to find out what exactly.

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