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  • whoizitcc69

    Hello, I'm  new member. I'd like to say I'm honored to have found a good forum for pathfinders. First let me say Ive always been a fan of Nissan since I have owned 3 different 280's and one 300 in my days.  But I must say I have always like the look of the D21 harbody trucks. recently I was looking for an early model to make a daily driver back and forth to work during bad weather, being I'm a full time fire fighter. during my search I was looking for the 4X4 version for snow and hurricane days. Needless to say during my search I found a Pathfinder with the front end of the D21 hard bodies, and instantly fell for it. I was able to buy it for 2000.00 with what was told to me minor issues. Before I wanted to dry it back and fourth I had to go through it completely and replaced the whole front end now, and ordered all new parts for anew timing belt change out with everything to change while in there. I have been a mechanic in my past on big trucks and robots, but not a lot of cars or trucks, just my own. during my over haul I have learned quite a bit so far about these vehicles and want to be able to share when I can. But on little things I will need your guys help. Thanks again.

  • Rickmapleleafs

    I believe I found the problem, removed the transfer motor and took the cover off, one of the field magnets was cracked and jamming up the motor

  • Kastawayz

    It needs some TLC but I am thrilled with my new Pathy. I haven't had a four wheel drive in awhile and I really missed it. It's good to be back in the saddle. Even better, it's a Nissan.

  • dellhobbyist01

    Hi. I had my AT rebuilt a few months ago before Covid-19 visited the world. My rig worked fine until my engine rpm gauge no longer worked. The transmission also started shifting incorrectly. I checked my manual and advised to check the engine revolution sensor. There is no resistance on both terminals. Made additional test and found to have disconnected terminals. Is there somebody who have tried converting a sensor used by the new models to the old one like mine or did someone repaired their damaged sensor? I have a 1993 TD27 Turbo Diesel Terrano/Pathfinder. Tried looking for parts online but was not successful. I saw some online store from Russia and UK but I am not sure if they are legit. Thanks for the help. I have attached a copy of the sensor and the part# below:

  • Legacy

    My pathfinder is bone stock in great shape but hi miles 200,000,00+. My son and daughter are getting to the age of camping. 9 and 4yrs. My goal is the make this into a project car
    like i had with my dad growing up. i want to to make it a overlander rig without going to crazy yet? i want to get it lifted 3 to 4". Get a skid plate and Pumpers on it. Go camping where i want. explore trails without the fear of getting stuck and learn how to overland along the way.

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