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after market heavy duty rear and front bumper for wd21 pathfinders

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Hi guys , im new here . i have a 94 pathfinder 4x4. shes a beauty. i live at the South Rim of the grand Canyon, and im getting into the overland culture pretty seriously. i have done most of the upgrades i can , but my XE model didn't come with the external tire mount. i see plenty in the junkyards and i can get them pretty cheap but i don't have the factory bolt holes and i want something more heavy duty . you can find these heavy after market ones for jeeps and toyotas that hold full size spares and room for gas cans and hi-lift jacks, but i CANT seem to find a company that makes them for our 1st gen Pathys. they make for the newer ones , but i like my older metal model. The same goes for front bumpers to hold winches or cattle guards.


does anyone know of a company that DOES make these for our 1st gen Pathfinders and wd21 trucks that bolt on to the frame for stability and towing streagnth.


so far the only option i have found was Hitchgate solo from Wilco offroad. great product . ( here is the video if you are interested.)    




but i would prefer a frame mounted custom steel bumper front and back.


same issue with solid after market roof rack. i am ready to craft my own so im not too worried about that . But if anyone has experience or information on good solid aftermarket off road bumpers for front and rear for 90-95 wd21 pathfinders, i would be very grateful. Even if its a solo person who will make to order.


Thanks alot for the feedback!!!

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wrong time code on vide

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Why not make your own? 


If you lived north of the border, I'd love you sell you mine that I made, as I no longer have a pathy as it's for sale.  On the inside is a 1" nut and bolt acting as a hinge, and a bronze bushing. I've seen others use trailer axles as hinges. 




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