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Towing a travel trailer

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I am looking at a 19 ft travel trailer online. I do not know the trailers's weight


I have a 2008 Pathfinder with the v 6. I was wondering if anyone has a travel trailer they tow with their Pathfinder and how well it tows. I know the towing capacity. But would like to hear from owners on how well it handles a travel trailer especially one close to 19 ft


Thank You

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I do have a 24 foot travel trailer but havent towed it with my Pathfinder yet because I have a 2014 Chevy pu that I use to tow it. I bought the pu 2014 and the trailer in 2016 and the pathfinder in late 2016. However, what Im getting at is I used the pathfinder to tow my 21 foot boat which weights about 7000 lbs including the trailer. (My pu was loaned out)

The trip was 75 miles most level or rolling hills. The trailer has surge brakes so I didnt need a brake controller. So, this boat combo towing experience was ok but I dont know what it would like over mountains.

I have many years years towing campers from 5th wheels to boats to utility trailers. So, I would use my pathfinder to tow my camper if I needed to but would have to add a brake controller. My camper weighs about 5000 lbs. so, Im pretty sure the pathfinder could pull my camper, however, I dont know about wind resistance and wind gust effects. And I dont know about pulling it over mountains. Braking shouldnt be a problem with a controller. I use a sway controller hitch on my camper but this doesnt guarantee anything. Hope this is helpful.

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