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Starts and stops

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My 2003 Pathy is pathetic at the moment... Usually the best starting vehicle around. Starts and sometimes t/o for a full 30secs before starting, anything above slow acceleration, (Cuts out) and if it has run long enough to warm up a bit becomes impossible to start. Changed the Fuel Pump.. .

Have run it up to 4000 + revs comfortably, but in reducing rpm can climb back up to 4000 + but if falls to 2000 rpm stops and won't start.

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Hey there! I have a 200 vg33e and have just experienced the similar problem. The motor cut out on me and didn't start for a while then an hour later started, got a couple of k's then died again and so on. Common prob around 150-180 000k's is the ignition module which is built into the distributor. Nissan genuine is about $1400 new however most aftermarket ones are actually Nissan surplus and can be had for under $450. This plus some new leads and plugs should see problem solved. On rare occasions it may be a loose or dieing Fuel pump relay. Turn ignition on... can you hear fuel pump running in tank under rear left seat for 5 or so seconds? Check for spark, pull a plug out and hold it near some part of the motor to see if you have a strong spark. Smell oil dipstick, does it smell like fuel not combusting and draining past pistons into sump. Last, feel fuel hoses when starting, if they are soft, no fuel running into them. Unless you have used really poor fuel chances are its not fuel pump as they are in tank. Commonly the whole dizzy and matbe the electronic coils. I hope this helps! Its the r50's weak spot! Good luck!


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