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  1. I did this awhile back but changed ALL of my interior lights to red to not mess with vision at night. and it looks pretty dang cool
  2. Leman

    Im baaaaaccckkk

    the new engine is finally in my pathy. since then i have added even more lights, strobes (im on a S&R team), and airbox work. o and some new scratches i still want a TB spacer and do some exhaust work on her. too many lights? all 100w up top, on the bumper middle are 100w outside 150w
  3. does anyone see any problem with mounting these on my 97 se?? the 3.74 backspacing will make the tire and wheel stick out further correct? Granite Alloy GA9
  4. Leman

    pic request

    does anyone have any before and after pics of installing a 1 inch strut spacer on their pathy, preferably with the same set of tires so i can see a realistic difference
  5. Leman

    winch mount '97

    mainly jeeps and other pathfinder sized vehicles. i have a 77 scout that may get a tug every now and then, but my pathy is my DD, and i get calls about everyweekend to go pull someone out and the winch will help alot in some of the spots so i can keep good traction and what not. most of the time i charge depending on how stuck and how good of friends they are.
  6. Leman

    winch mount '97

    i searched but couldnt really find what i was looking for. i need away to mount a 8k winch to my 97 pathy, is there a bumper/ warn grill guard looking thing under $500 to mount it. or should i just go with the removable hitch type for the rear. this will be my recovery vehicle. PS i found a engine for it earlier this week and it should be in the pathy by next thursday.
  7. Leman

    engine Q

    im just looking for an engine to swap into my pathfinder. and i have to find one for $500 max shipped to me.
  8. Leman

    engine Q

    will this engine be able to go in my 97 4x4 pathfinder? i still have the old motor so i have all the harnesses and everything. i just need to know if it will fit and directly bolt in http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Nissan-Maxi...sspagenameZWDVW
  9. Leman

    up the creek

    well the engine in my 97 pathy gave up the ghost after 278000 miles. and now i am 17 and without a vehicle. i have been looking around for a wrecked pathy to do an engine swap with but have not had much luck. i just posted a wanted ad on here. i really hope i can bring this girl back to life. i love this pathfinder.
  10. Leman

    some mud fun

    here are some pics of my 97 pathy, 31" bfg at, lots of lights, some hotter spark, and 12" subs in the back are about all of the mods for now with 248000 on the ticker and here it is in a hole i dug out behind my shop. its my DD, my main off road toy is a 77 IH scoutII edit: sorry the pics are so grainy its from my camera phone
  11. Leman

    4x4 country game

    how do you add friends?
  12. Leman

    Spark Plugs

    i just read that in a post its still hard to get the the little booger out of there once its unscrewed.
  13. Leman

    Spark Plugs

    I just replaced the spark plugs in my '97 pathy with some Bosch +4 http://www.boschautoparts.com/Products/SparkPlugs/Platinum4 all i can say is WOW with the old plugs my pathfinder would creep off the line, now i can actually squeal the 30" bfg at. of course looking at my old plugs it was a miracle the engine was even running. o and the #6 plug is a bit** to get to.
  14. Leman


    i dont know what the correct name for the product im looking for is. but ill try to explain. on a manual transmission you can change out the shifter knob just by unscrewing it, and there is a huge aftermarket of replacements. i wanna know if anything exist for auto trannies, ive been searching but cant really find what im looking for. is there a way to put on a different knob?
  15. Leman

    safari look

    i tried searching but it confused me. its not like most forum searches????? Im looking for any pics of R50 pathfinders that have that "look" like they could take on the outback with out any trouble. i see alot of rock crawling rigs but want more of a total adventure rig. nothing too extreme but more than stock. and for those of you that are still confused on the look im looking for, im looking for: roof racks, lots of lights, slight lift, custom brushguard, and anything else thats in this catagory. if this has made any sense at all please post some pics. TIA

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