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  1. my 95 driver side power window doesnt work anymore... i took it all apart and the rubber gromet was broken, yall prolly know witch one im talkin bout i ordered a new regulator but when it came in it was a manual one, never got the chance to send it back so now im stuck with it, how hard would the conversion be? any recomendations on how to fix the gromet... ive tryed glueing it straigt but havent found anything strong enough to hold it please help im tired of my window fallin inside of my door and having to shimmy it up in public
  2. King looks great and wouldnt mind havin it bein that its more modded than mine but the "WRAMBLER WAGON" as i call her, is my sweetheart, she aint let me down yet. (even when i dropped off into a tractor rut and water started running into the floor with bald street tires, she ate out of it, lol) being that im 17 i dont feel comfortable fixin it myself... the good thing about louisiana is we dont have smog tests
  3. judgin by your beautiful collection of pathfinders im sure you would recomend fixin it right... not getting rid of it
  4. my rear main seal leak is getting bad.... will it hurt to drive it as long as i keep oil in it by the way $700 to fix... i need an answer
  5. by the way.... wat would cause my doors to catch a little they shut but the driver side has to be slammed harder was i supposed to leave the rubber stock pieces between the body and frame in... i didnt, please dont tell me it will cause problems later.... did anyone else have to relocate the power steering resevour? and do i completely remove the fan shrowd from the truck (take it out of the truck completely)
  6. just letting everyone know how excited i am about installing my body lift(girlfriend bought it for me )... got up at 8 in the morning and was done before work at 4... anyway, has anyone had any problems getting the 2 rear bolts to go in? im only having problems with 1 next step is the jgc coils and crankin my t-bars as soon as i learn how to put up pictures i will
  7. i dont remember where i heard it just wanted to know if it would be stupid to do it or have it done.... i've tried researching engine numbers to see if it would match up but havent had any luck if it did work just wanted some opinions on the job... if it would do anything, be worth the time and money, etc.
  8. wat kind of issues did you run into i ask alot of questions i know but better to be on the safe side
  9. the site that im getting the lift from sells a radiator relocate kit is it needed?? how much extra am i gonna have to spend on the extra lines, extensions etc.?
  10. well my pathy is my primary vehicle... im 17 and its all ive got... its in perfect condition... NO RUST some people say its amazing that i dont have rust problems down here in louisiana (which is as pretty much as far south as you can go. im literaly 15 minutes from the gulf) anyway im pretty handy mechanically im a small engine machanic at our local lawnmower shop.... we have all the nessicary tools for the job... and unless i sleep at work it needs to be done in a day or so...
  11. im goin to put a 4 inch body lift on my 95 pathy... i keep hearing people say stuff about changing my wheels and a few lines.... i have stock lego wheels wat will need to be changed... is the lift something i can do myself or should i pay $500 to get it done? any help would be nice
  12. first of all my electric window went out.... the motor still works but the regulator is out... how hard is this to fix? second.... when i bought my pathy about 9 months ago the cruise control worked i hardly use it but the other day i tried to you use it and it didnt work.... the green light on the panel by the door comes on but thats it... also now when i put it in 4wd the light on the dash doesnt come on, 4wd works but no light... i guess i was hopin that this would all be easy to fix.... let me know
  13. never mind 4x4parts.com had them

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