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  1. fordnutz

    97 Pathfinder Wont Start

    Nope. But as an update, I went out this morning and she turned over and purred like it always has. Let her run a minute and turned off, now wont restart again. I checked the switch on the clutch pedal and its good. The veh. acts just like you turned the switch w/o pushing in the clutch. Nothing would happen until you push the clutch in far enough to engage the switch. Hope this helps in guessin the problem.
  2. fordnutz

    97 Pathfinder Wont Start

    My GF's 97 pathfinder started up and drove 1/4 mile and she stopped and turned it off waiting for the bus to come. Wouldnt start after that. If you push in the clutch and turn the key, you hear something on the drivers side buzz and something on the passenger side fender buzz/click, and acts like something is not allowing power to the starter. The starter doesnt click at all, has new battery and it tests good. Terminals to the battery are clean and tight. If you have and ford problems, come visit us at fordforum.com. Alot of good guys who love to help!

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