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  1. Cleaned my terminals and changed clamps as mine were garbage and also charged up battery ready for tommorow as I have a new starter coming but just curious to know if the crap starter could drain my battery? Or if that would be something else as I have left the key on a couple of times in the past cheers, As I say I haven't had this issue with my other rannos but as they say there's a first for everything
  2. Cheers guys had a go at tracking them down but no luck
  3. Jumped in my truck after work today and my truck seemed like it had a batt flattery so I chucked a 800cca battery pack on still no luck was just the odd click and a slow wind so tapped the starter an it started to wind a little faster but back to nothing and a click Haven't had this issue before and the starters are a prick to get to Any one have any ideas before I go guns blazing with a big hammer Have read about a relay an ignition switch but wondering if there's something along to road towards alternator also Ps my truck loves rolling in mud an water but does get a good steam clean after followed by a bitta wd40 Cheers in advance
  4. Not sure what catogory this belongs in but wondering if the npora stickers are still available or anything I can throw on my rig Cheers
  5. Hey cheers I was wondering if it might be due to the torsion still up to high, but Yea I'm currently looking for a left hand steering box an also going to do the 2wd mod out a 88 navara complimented by a steering dampener, hopefully that will sort it, and yeap broken heaps of tie rods luckily I have a boot load
  6. Howdy all, I was out muddin today few fellas noticed my front wheels were looking at each other like a cross-eyed possum in the headlights when in 4wd and come right when back in 2wd anyone had these issues
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