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  1. I changed my ECM and took it to Nissan to what I thought was program the new ECM to the current VIN. But I think they only performed the Re-learn correctly and gave it back. Anyways, I drove the car for 105 miles and then the check engine and P0605 light came on with limp mode again. Just replaced the throttle body (read online some people said the TPS sometimes shorts the ECM) and did the relearn. Still got the code though. What are things that can cause a P0605 and if you know how to diagnose this, I'd appreciate any input.
  2. Did the Re-Learn and it cleared all codes. however, once I hit 20 mph, I went back to a check engine code and about a 15 mph limp mode with the Code P0605 again. I can clear the codes and I have full power again until 20 mph when limp mode comes back.
  3. So I bought a 155,000 mile 2005 Pathfinder 4.0/auto 4x4 from a trusted guy who said he had it checked out and had a bad ECU. So I have a replacement installed and grab the Autel MS906 scanner and turn the key. Initially get a no start. Do the Key re-learn procedure and it fires up and is running fine. However, It is running in limp mode and getting P0605 and P0507 so I still need to do a re-learn as it idles at 1200rpm or so and is basically in a limp mode. I don't think I can reflash my VIN onto the new ECU as when I scan it, it pulls up the original VIN on the new/used part. My scanner is able to change a VIN on a dodge truck I have but apparently not this Nissan. Think the relearn is all I need and would clear both codes or is P0605 a bigger issue(such as dealer reflash or another ECU problem?)

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