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  1. Lovell springs sound like they’re another good option just trying to find someone to supply them at a realistic cost
  2. Efs struts https://www.4wdbits.co.nz/ProductsList.aspx?CategoryID=164 Nzoffroader.co.nz also does them
  3. Yeah the EFS springs are spec at 40mm lift even though the retailers talk about them being 2 inch
  4. Ok thanks that’s some good info, i’ve found out a standard length replacement is 389 compressed -559 extended so the EFS brand shocks are 34mm longer so would make me think they’re a good option. As for the springs if you’re only getting one inch from the king springs i’ll avoid them, cobra springs are only supposed to be 40mm too. I’ve read good things about pedders springs and believe they’re a true 2inch lift so i’ll see if i can more info.
  5. Hi Guys, i’m Pretty new around here, had the 1996 r50 for 4 or so years and the suspension is completely shot after lots of heavy towing. Just done a majority of the bushes and ordered some 9449 for the back and Bilstein 5125. But Ac coils are not worth shipping to this side of the world and i’ve found some advertised extended front struts ( 420 closed 593 extended) but without knowing the standard lengths it’s hard to know what i’m getting hopefully someone has these details. Second to that i’ve read mixed things about top out of the standard length shocks with the Ac coils which is the specs that i’m hoping to replicate with a locally made brand ( cobra or kings probably ) so with that in mind what’s your thoughts on an inch or so longer strut? I like the idea of travel but want to completely avoid and cv binding. Thanks in advance.

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