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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience, well i've KO2 tires and the concern for ABS was for wild life's, they may get in between anytime.. so just to have safety for not skidding away from path.
  2. Thanks for your concern, l've checked for the wiring harness, and so in preliminary check the relay is empty but wiring is there. Let me see whats best i can do. I'll keep posted for the updates. Right now Pathy is going through paint job and other mechanical works, so if its doable in this state i may do it.
  3. Thanks for the manuals. I'll have look into it. I've examined the relays and wiring is in place so i assume its only the sensors or so. I'll refer to manual for further details
  4. Hello, I need some help guys, Recently I've upgraded my brakes to BBK (EBC Stage 5 Kit in front and Rear Drum with DFC). Now my issue is tire gets lock but it slides for 1.5m apprx or more depends on speed. I'm building my rig for overlanding and so its heavily loaded (2800 Kg GVW at the moment). My car is GCC spec base line and so it didnt come with ABS. How do i add ABS to this, is it complex or just the modules plug and play and relearn the ECU for added module?
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