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  1. Thanks for the helpful info Xplorx4 and Precise1! Yes there are multiple 30 pages threads about some of this. In fact almost too much information. I have read most of them all. I even looked through the 70 pages of photos of R50's to see what looked like I was looking for. Many of you like R50Jr BAX03SE, Pathydude and Hawraishi sp? have gone way beyond what I need although I think y'alls ride are awesome. I guess I would have thought be listing the specific Bilstein model number, AC coils in the front and the LR9447 it wouldn't seem like I was just being lazy. . I appreciate all the knowledge on here and I think I know the major stuff. I was just looking for some insight into any additional stuff since my "project" is milder than most of you regular guys. Xplorx4 telling me what kind of tires and rims worked for him was just the type of info I was looking for. I don't want spacers or to get into panhard drops etc but basically looking to do what many of y'all did starting out before doing subframe drops. It is still going to be a daily driver and just looking for a little more offroad ability in the mud. BTW on that note LR direct has been out of the NRC9447 by Britparts for a few weeks and I know the OME's were hard to get for awhile. I'll probably just pay a little extra for one of the other NRC9447's from LRdirect that are manufactured by someone other than Britpart. I WOULD LIKE TO APOLOGIZE though when I clicked the pinned topics the link was broken. Since y'all mentioned it I realize someone updated the link further down. After I read a few of those that I had not seen specifically the max tire size vs lift and I plan to post what I'm going to order before I place it and give yall a chance to critic it or suggest any changes. Hope that works! Thanks!
  2. Hey Guys! I've read up on the numerous threads and builds over the past several months and it has been immensely helpful. However, my mechanical skills are quite limited and I have a few questions. My local custom truck shop had little to no knowledge. I plan on checking with another shop but I maybe in charge of ordering everything and being the person planning everything. 2004 Nissan Pathfinder SE 4x4 w 144,000 miles. Drive it a couple days a week. It's sagging and needs new tires. I'd like to lift it 2" and put some bigger more aggressive tires on it. I don't want to go crazy as I'd still like it to be pretty drivable. My offroading is mostly in slick mud no major rocks or anything. Here is what I know I need/want: 2" lift front AC coils , Landrover NRC 9447 rear springs bilstein shocks. I'll try and list these to be as brief & concise as possible. What struts do yall recommend? KYB or OME or other The guy looked at it and said I needed the full strut assembly because my rubber isolator was messed up? What parts should I get along with the strut? Is this the correct model shocks for the rear? Bilstein 33-18552shocks What is the largest tire I should anticipate without trimming metal? Seems like 31" easy maybe 32" I plan on buying new rims with the proper backspacing What else should I buy or replace? camber bolts seem reasonable Would locking hubs help performance or just take the pressure of my cv's? Thanks so much for any advice or help. I have enjoyed this truck for the last 16 years and would like to keep it a few more. I've got two pics if I can figure it out later I'll add them.

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