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  1. Hi @02_Pathy, how did you run cables from LED bars on the roof into a cabin? Did you use any existing hole (where is it?), or you made a new one? thanks for help
  2. Hi,

    can you tell me, which front struts (exact model) and what springs in the front you have? And what lift dod you get finally? 

  3. Hi, can you tell me where dod you get those lamp set: 


  4. Ok, thanks a lot for help guys - it seems I ave to be a hard user, so I'd rather start using normal aftermarket radio without connecting it to remote controller.
  5. Hi, I have the same radio controlls as You can see on thee picture below and it's working with BOSE radio (different than the one on the pic, but also BOSE). But now my radio is dead and I want to set here a new one. Do you know if those controller on the driving wheel will work with other radios? Or what radio can I but so it could still work together?
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