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  1. I cannot find rough country upper control arms anywhere on the site. Does anyone know if RC stopped making them? I’ve got a ‘95 pathfinder
  2. Your springs we not stock springs were they? The jgc moog part number that evan55 posted and used were for stock ‘95 jgc springs, and those are about 1.5” shorter than the stock springs I pulled out of my ‘95 pathfinder. I fear if I cut that pig tail off, the rear of my truck will sit too low.
  3. How did you get the rear springs to fit? One end of the jgc spring is a smaller diameter than the other end. I am doing a similar suspension set up to yours and I am not sure how to put the new rear springs in. Thank you.
  4. What size rims and tires are on your pathfinder when you posted this topic right after your lift? I want to lift it and get new tires, but I don’t know if I need to get bigger rims and tires or just bigger tires. I like the way your tires fill the wheel well, which is why I am asking you.
  5. I am replacing my timing belt on my '95 xe manual 4x4 Pathfinder and I followed the Chilton repair manual steps to the letter. I got the timing belt on and tensioned properly, I rotated the engine as I am supposed to and when I got back to TDC, my belt had moved 1 tooth forward of all three sprocket marks. I rotated the engine again and once back at TDC now my belt was 2 teeth forward of the sprocket marks. I cannot find an answer on the internet anywhere and I was hoping y'all could help, because I am out of ideas.

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