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  1. Thanks for the suggestion, Ill check them out.
  2. I am looking to replace my cv axle soon and am trying to find the best axle for wheelin. Ive seen them range form $50 to $100, but they all talk about new materiel or boot quality and not strength or articulation. Any recommendations or suggestions?
  3. It does seem like I would need some sort of fabricated UCA and LCA to make it work right. I've always wonder why I haven't seen any aftermarket LCA to at least help with the lower ball joint though. Thanks again for the info, now if I decide to try and make my own conversion I know it's possible and about where to start.
  4. Ok sweet, that sounds like a challenge, but I'm glad to hear it's possible! Thanks for the info, I am trying to look at all my options before I get too crazy with mods. The goal of course is to upgrade the suspension to fit my off-roading style best the first time, but I'm sure I'll end up changing things again and again.
  5. Thanks for the quick response, and I figured all the lower control arms were the same. One kit I saw wasn't very specific and I guess I was hoping it was an aftermarket kit I had never seen before. What about ride quality? Is it even something anyone has played with? maybe its a waste of time but i figured some one out there has thought about it.
  6. Has anyone done a coilover conversion? I just feel like there more potential for flex out of the IFS on the pathfinder if you delete the torsion bars. I keep seeing kits for the hardbody, but it looks like a different lower control arm than on the pathfinders.

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