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    2004 Platinum LE. Original owner. 160K miles, OME lift, CAI, Flowmaster, Hankook tires, manual hubs, Hella lights.
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  1. Tarryall

    Snowboarder12345's Build

    Great work! Very impressive.
  2. Tarryall

    Arizona 2001Infiniti QX4 Build

    Great looking truck! I'm just "spitballing" here, as my kids would say, but i alway thought the Infiniti would look good with the front fascia above the bumper blacked out, keeping the chrome logo as it is.
  3. Tarryall

    Trailing arm bushings

    HaHa. The dogs have stout stomachs. My kids barfed more in the car from carsickness than they ever did.
  4. Tarryall

    Trailing arm bushings

    No pet barrier. I've used them before and they're kind of a pain. We fold down the back seats and put the gear there as a natural barrier. The Corgi puppy will try to climb forward, but the other two will stay in the back on a moving pad. They stay happy because they know they're headed to the mountains. :-)
  5. Tarryall

    Trailing arm bushings

    No rust at all. It's been a great truck, and as the last of the "Japanese made" Pathfinders it has a lot of life left in it. The interior is in excellent shape, and the leather seats still look good. The OME springs were from the early production and sagged over time. I added Fluery spacers and have been quite happy with those. It also has a Fluery skid plat up front. Although I thought the automatic transmission seemed more suited for a mini-van, I appreciate it much more over my 2017 Tacoma six-speed automatic which is always hunting for another gear. The All-Mode Transfer case also leaves a little bit to be desired, but I found that turning off the VDC in tough conditions gives it a little more self control, especially in slick snow/ice conditions. I've owned CJ's, Scouts, 4Runners and Tacomas over the years, all built for off-road, and always thought the Pathfinder stood up to all of them, if you appreciated the limitations of an IFS. Plus, it has room in back for gear and the dogs:
  6. Tarryall

    Trailing arm bushings

    Thanks for all the replies. Since I have no symptoms of a death wobble or looseness in the rear end, I'll leave well enough alone. No point in fixing something that ain't broken. Here's a picture of my Pathfinder:
  7. Tarryall

    Trailing arm bushings

    Thanks. I don't think the part itself changed, but the quality of the bushings was upgraded after they became obvious for early failure. Again, I don't remember the source of that information. SJC
  8. Hi all! I've followed the website for years, but haven't posted before. I've got a 2004 Platinum LE with 160K miles and runs great. It started life as my wife's car, and then was passed on to my son and then daughter as their "learning car" and daily driver. Along the way I put on a OME lift and Flowmaster exhaust, as well as a few other things. It has now migrated back to me for my alternate DD and I'm doing some basic maintenance. I'll post a picture when I get a chance. My question has to do with the Trailing Arm bushings. I took the Pathy into dealer for the passenger airbag recall, which went fine, and when I picked it up they had also done a service inspection and noted cracks in the drive belts (yes) and wrote "rear links/bushings" as well. I thanked them for the inspection and told them I did all my own work and I'd take a look at it. I have never had any symptoms of a "death wobble" and all the bushings look fine, including the stab. bar. Everything is tight and there is only some occasional suspension thump noise from the rear over rough roads. I know there are problems with the earlier R50 TA bushings, but I thought at some point in the later years they were improved, and mine is a very late model production. I just don't remember where I saw that. I think the Nissan service department wrote it up as the the standard "rear bushings need replacement" without any inspection. Does anyone know if the bushings were in fact improved at some point? Thanks SJC

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