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  1. Ok, I should have shared more. LOL. I did all the basic stuff. Terminals are good, there is 0.0 volts lost between the battery terminal and the battery connector. That is all clean. Batt 2 awg cables are good to go, 12.68 volts at starter. There was low voltage at the terminal on the ignition switch (where you put the key in), 8.6 volts. There was 4 volts loss across the wires somehow. I cleaned up the connections around the battery and all along the black/ white wire from the igntion to the battery. My new question is does anyone have a picture of what a 92 battery terminal looks like? Mine is fubar, has all sorts of hack job wiring done to it. I want to make sure I have fusable links at the pos terminal, but what it has now is scary.
  2. So I am new to the forum and new to pathfinders. I have a 92 pathfinder that has a pretty random no crank no start. If you jump it it will start with a bit of cranking. Before jumping the instruments do nothing, no start up light check etc. Battery voltage last time was 12.8 volts(as measured with multimeter AT battery) but it acted like it was under 9 volts, even the battery volts gauge on the dash said 6v. I thought about shot gunning and swapping the battery cable for a factory piece and that was 160 bucks, so no chance of that happening. Thoughts?

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