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  1. its got 2 new solenoids on it...
  2. I know that if it keeps running in safe mode (on and off) it will ruin my catalytic converters...Would running a synthetic blend help?
  3. Looks like the problem is in the camshaft phase gear. I think they are dealer only @$499 each. While in there its best to replace everything. Since mine has the 3.5 its just cheaper to replace the engine with a low mileage (40k) used engine. I wonder since the vq35de engine is in the 350z, some altimas, and the maxima would it fit in my pathfinder?
  4. Doing same thing, keeps showing cam sensors bad, clear codes and it runs fine for 5-10 miles then check engine light then safe mode.
  5. I have been running seafoam in it for about 100 miles, maybe any sludge on the gears or where ever is thinned up and moved?
  6. I took my pathfinder to a specialist, no shorts, all the timing parts were getting the correct amount of voltage ect. He cleared all the codes and took it for a drive, he went like 50 miles of hard driving and it went into limp mode, engine light came on, codes showed the camshaft position sensors ect..he cleared the code drove it hard for 50 miles and engine light came on and limp mode again, he pulled over, turned engine off, cleared codes and started it right up again and it ran good for 40+ miles...he doesn't know if its the ECU or it needs a VVT cam gear...
  7. I don't have a shop manual for my pathfinder, could someone tell me what the voltage should be at the camshaft position sensor harnesses and the variable valve timeing solenoid harness?
  8. Try blowing compressed air into the holes where the VTC Solenoid mounts to engine.
  9. I'm still stumped..would the transmission have anything to do with the problem? It goes into limp mode and sounds like a diesel only in drive, I stop, put it park or neutral and the ratteling stops and revs right up like nothings wrong.
  10. Wires tested, I cleaned up the positive battery fuse block, cleaned out and tested both Cam sensor connections. Still goes into limp mode after 1mile of driving. Nissan says the Variable Timing Camshaft gear may have slipped a tooth or the pickup on the cam gear is bad.
  11. It only seems to act up like this when the weather is hot. During the winter no problems. Its throwing a p0011 code which I know cant be right cause I had both camshaft sensors and the solenoid replaced like 200 miles ago...
  12. I was just wondering because it has the Bose sound system, and each speaker has its own amplifier..if the stereo was installed maybe somehow the amplifiers stay on because the new radio has a built in amplifier...but I'm going to trace the battery wires and make sure they are not kinked or corroded, then try to check out the camshaft senor wires.
  13. Previous owner installed a non factory radio..could that do it?
  14. What would cause my pathfinder to go into limp mode? No check engine light. I turned it off and it acted like battery was real weak. I tried the key a few times and then it just cranked right up no problem and is no longer in limp mode.
  15. I'm thinking the variable timing solenoid on the drivers side...its the only side that throws camshaft position sensor codes...and there are no other codes popping up right now...

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