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  1. Bladesz

    wd22 frame with wd21 body?

    well crap, was just a crazy idea i had. guess ill just go the route to find a better frame from a wd21 so i can keep my pathy keep on keeping on
  2. my pathy frame is pretty bad and ive been thinking about swapping the entire frame out to keep it lasting alot longer than just patching. i was wondering if anybody knew if the body mount positions are close to the same from the wd21 and wd22 frames. figured it would be easier to find a first gen X so i can use the vg33 out of it as a new heart aswell. if not I figured id just get another wd21 frame and clean it up to throw back under my body. any knowledge of the difference of frames would be greatly appreciated.
  3. So I'm trying to track down a problem on my 95 pathy. When I start the vehicle and while it cold ( sometimes longer) I smell alot of fuel and I'm getting around 12mpg or less. The only thing I have changed on it is I put on some 31s from the factory tire size. When I take off my fuel cap I don't get any noise, I changed my filter but it didn't help much and I've looked at the tank and saw some spots where it looked like fuel was/is leaking. I noticed the vac line to the purge valve was corroded so I dosed that but im wondering what else I can do to try to solve this issue.
  4. so far I've picked up some poly strut mount bushings but I can't break the nut loose to I'm going to try to get it on a lift so i can get more leverage on the wrench. would it be a bad idea to change the transmission filter? I have heard some pro and cons to changing transmission fluid in an automatic with higher miles than most. id like to keep it running as long as possible.
  5. Recently just bought a 1995 XE and was told I should come check out this forum. I'm new to the whole 4x4 thing, my other vehicle is a 2000 g20 that I have converted to 6 speed. So far I have driven on some trails that a friend has. and I really like it. Once I figure out how to post photos I will do that. I would like to replace some bushing in the near future and hopefully some tire.

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