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  1. I was not aware a maf could cause a no start condition but i happened to have a spare and switched them out and now im getting a kind of airy pop when turning over? sorry this is gonna sound super nubish but where can i find the FSM, (i wont ask what it is im assuming its a repair/maintenance manual of sorts)?
  2. First of all I would like to say hello this is my first post thank you all for having me. I would like to pick your brains for a moment and will provide as much information as possible. So here is the dilemma... The vehicle: 1995 Pathfinder automatic transmission 4wd v6 milleage: 95,xxx (original miles no rebuild) The problem: The engine turns over but will not start. The build-up(or what i did prior to this condition) : The ol'pathy was running but I was able to smell gas when I started her up which wouldn't be all to concerning but the smell would persist on idle even after prolonged periods of running. I could smell it every time I was at a stop sign or red light so I began my endeavor to solve this mystery(which btw remains unsolved). I changed the vapor canisters filter and completely redid all of the vacuum lines instead of seeking out leaks as they were worn anyways. I removed the air intake manifold and cleaned it as well as the fuel injectors. I then put the whole thing back together and...... NO START!! I've gone over my work a dozen times, even undid and redid all of the work I did and still no start. So after about a week of bashing my head against the wall I am really hoping somebody has some insight or suggestions? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated! One thing ive thought is perhaps the fuel injector wiring needs to be in a specific order but couldn't find any information on this? if anyone knows if thats the case let me know. Things i've tried: So I've checked spark and its good across the board no issues. Fuel is making it through the lines this I know but i haven't been able to check pressure, however when i press the gas pedal when trying to start it seems loose like its not doing anything and i hear a slight click. Ive tried starter fluid in the throttle body when starting also to no avail. Other than that ive checked all fuses and wiring and cant seem to find anything out of wack. I can provide pics and more information if need be just let me know. Im sure it has got to be something simple im missing but i just cant figure this dang thing out. Please Please Please help me. I appreciate any and all responses at this point i am open to anything there are no bad ideas (literally sledgehammer is already on my brainstorm bored.) Thank you.
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