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  1. I have a 96 4x4 with 166k miles. It is stock except for the 31x10.5x15 tires. This winter I was seeing as low as 11-13 mpg in mixed highway and city driving. This spring I had the timing belt, water pump, and all drive belts changed. My driving leans to 70% highway/30% city and I use cruise control a lot at about 55-60 mph. I've also gone to using Shell gasoline exclusively for what it's worth. I have been averaging 18-18.5 mpg lately and got 19.5 this weekend on a trip into the Ozarks, which was all highway with a lot of hills. That was also with 5 guys, our camping gear for the weekend, and a kayak strapped to the top. My reason for this post was to see just how many others experience this kind of mileage and also to let folks know that some improved driving habits and maintainence can make a world of difference in fuel economy. Now I'm just waiting for cold weather again to burst my bubble. LOL
  2. I was just wondering if the front and rear bumpers from the 99.5-04 pathys will fit on a 96 Pathfinder. I really like the way the newer rigs look with the fender flares and bumpers painted to match the body, but I don't want to give up my 96 over something so small. Anyone have any experience with this swap or paint the existing bumpers and flares?

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