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  1. ferrariowner123 went fine no surprises except that everything worked after I put it back together. only removed two bolts on the control lever bracket to get it out of the way
  2. Well I forgot my other kid has a 91 so when he came over I looked at his and it is the same.
  3. 1997 pathfinder replacing clutch I got my tranny back in and the arm that activates the throw out bearing seem to engage further out then I remember I am about sick thinking of taking it back out, so throw me a bone. Check out video and let me know. the arm travels almost half way back before it has resistance. pretty simple device don't know how I could have messed it up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qg5frpkFWo&feature=youtu.be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qg5frpkFWo&feature=youtu.be
  4. Funny the flywheel looked find. I had it turned a but I thought it would be worse. I drove this car the day before it went out and felt fine. Just a catastrophic failure. was going in perfect today and yanked out the wire for the cam positioning sensor so off to dealership tomorrow
  5. So your talking about the bolts on the control lever bracket I take it. Thanks I didn't want to pull that off and get a shower of ball bearings and springs popping out Greg
  6. Installing a new clutch and I have seen a few tutorials that say remove transfer shifter but don’t say how. Do you unbolt it fro side of tranny or there something under boot . Sorry my eyes ain't what they used to be and can't see how it comes off. I could wait till tranny is down on the jack but hate to pull on wrenches when its balanced on the jack thanks greg
  7. The arm was all the way back to the housing. what do you mean by by passing the dampner
  8. I ordered a new clutch kit today and am going to change out slave just cause it cheap and easy. dropping tranny tomorrow and Ill look for oil I just can't see the relation between the soft clutch and slipping . I pushed on the clutch arm today and there is prenty of tension against the slave.
  9. Just bought 97 4x4 pathfinder Took it for a few hour long drives no problem. Son calls me from side of freeway last night. Won't move Had it parked at bart station all day started up the freeway and when he gets to 5th gear he is applying gas but not gaining speed. drops it down to forth helps some but degenerates till a mile latter he is stuck on side of road. Calls me to see if he is missing something. Check to see if in 4wd no But when he puts in low 4wd he can creep up to exit to get off freeway. That works for 1/4 mile then stops again. It is at this moment he says pedal gets soft ( it now will not return to proper position) Towed home today It seemed that the clutch degenerated faster then I would think was normal and the soft pedal makes me think master or slave. But slipping says pressure plate to me. I guess I have a hard time putting the two together (soft pedal and slipping) And the rate at which the clutch went out surprises me. I have only had one failure years ago but remember it being gradual. SO anyway slipping and fast fade could be hydraulic related. How do I tell which way to go with this? He goes back to college in a couple weeks so gotta get it sorted. Mechanically Have skills and tools for job but have never replaced a clutch in a truck (lucky I guess) dont mind doing the job just have to know what needs fixing Thanks Greg

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