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  1. I think you're right XPLOR4X4. Would you have a link to a possible writeup on the headlight swap to an R20? ('99QX4) Let me know if you can help out, I'm waiting on merchandise now. Thanks
  2. Thanks everyone for the guidance. I lucked out and the seller of the R50 lights was able to source working, R20 lights. My guy is in Japan and, he said the R20's are getting even more rare now all over Japan. He pretty much called all of his connects there with "unavailable" at most. There is a mounting hole on each light that is broken off. It is a plastic eyehole piece that I will post a picture at my next free time of posting. Im reassured that they will be in working order and if not to my satisfaction, I can get a full refund. Ill post what happens with the R20 lights shortly...
  3. You are absolutely right about bargaining the work involved xplor4x4. Ive been thinking about this and if my assumptions are correct, Replacing the grille off of my '99QX4, with a grille from a '97 Pathy will change the border outline of headlight that the grille will accept (my '97 Terry lights). Im wondering if the grille mounting spots/hardware are the same. I need the links to the '97Nissan Pathfinder Manual to research into the project more. Can anyone be kind and give me a boost with the manual links please, Id much appreciate it. Also, I still cant figure out how to attach .jpg or other files for pics, any guidance? Thanks
  4. Thank you for your valuable input XPLOR4X4, Ill post up the findings on my end. Now to get this project started soon...
  5. Bump. Any info on what exact Grill I would need to fit the '97 Terry lights XPLOR4X4? Researching parts and can't really know anything from looking at just a diagram. I am looking to have these on with an OE look. In my swap I have 1997 Terrano HiD lights and corners GOING TO 1999 Infiniti QX4 If anyone can let me know about key things to beware of, ie 97 Terrano Light Housings Won't fit Stock Grill of Bumper, Please lend me a hand in this swap and let me know. I also need to know where I can purchase the needed parts I hope to have this swap complete by two weeks time. Thanks fellow Nissan Owners... -Norman
  6. Xplor4x4 thanks for the info,would you happen to know what model grill (ie year) I would need for '97 Terry lights to go into my '99 Qx4? LMK when you can please, thanks
  7. Yes, I already purchased the lights. I wasn't aware of the earlier model having fitment issues. Would you have links to that information please? Ill research your provided info, Thank you.
  8. Hello All. New to the forum and look forward to more posts in the future. I joined because I purchased a '99 Infiniti QX4 (R50) and maintaining machines, you need guidance at times. I searched for a long time for a set of legitimate HiD lights for this vehicle. I didn't want some backyard-boogy piece that was unsafe and faulty. After a while, I searched and snagged a pair of 97 Terrano headlights that are complete with clear corner lights and mod switch for the level of light adjustment. I am in need of sourcing some oem electronic repair manuals or schematics for both the Terrano, and the Qx4, to get these installed. If anybody could help me out please? Also how to load pics? (wanted to include a snap of the set) I want to try and do a write up on this modification as well if all is well . Im anxious to see how it turns out. Thanks everyone

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