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    hmmmm.....Always liked these rigs....The story goes.....I went to purchase a rebuildable trany for my 1986 Honda Prelude 2.0SI, this good looking Crimson 1995 Path was just bagging me to have a look. Well, a test drive later and inspection, turned into a great $1400 steal. She's mechanically perfect, everything works great and only specing @ 153hp she gets up and goes too. The only draw back was that she had been T-bone on the passenger side a month earlier. Damage consisted of two newish doors, new inner/outer rock panels, new center pillar and about 6hrs of work on the quarter; not the mention the roughly 4hrs of different pulls to assist in straighting out the wrecked portions. Currently the pulls have been made and newish color matching (can you believe I found a set of doors the same color!!!!) doors are installed....oh yeah, they close too. (stupid ass insurance companies, good for me tho) newish rear fender flare was installed. Also install a class III hitch and wiring. Only had her for a about a month now, searching for good forums for knowledge, advise and parts. Not sure if we can post pics on here but I will if we can!!!!!
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  1. Tell me about your car.

  2. I had this same problem the issue is the EGR valve. After I installed the pacesetter headers a noticed the stutter. Turns out, after a bit of online research that our EGR valves work off of negative pressure (back pressure) from the exhaust system which with headers and a upgraded exhaust system the majority of the back pressure is lost, at least enough that the EGR will not function properly. Our EGR valves kick in above 2500 rpm causing the stutter. To test: -In park, slowly rev the engine to verify where the stutter starts -Disconnect vaccum line feeding EGR valve -Slowly rev engine and see if the stutter is gone. This was the solution in my case. You may need to plug that vaccum line and you may also have to adjust the fuel/air mixture. A permanent solution would be to track down a positive pressure EGR and fab it up to fit; then again you could just put a block off plate in too. Have you had much like with your NTK O2 sensor?
  3. Works had me tied up for the past couple months, I'm now back in Burlington, WA I look for a local dyno here and get back with some results. Yeah, the O2 sensor had to be installed after the cats cause there just wasn't any room to install the x-pipes pre-cats.
  4. Let's see some pics.... I like to see how they piped your system in compairson to mine. Oh, swapped out the Magnaflow mufflers for some "turbo" whatever those are to quite it down a bit.
  5. I have to ask.... How did that feel?? I paid less than that for 2 high flow Magna flow cats....... see www.dotcomparts.com 1995 Pathy MSD coil K&N air filter Amsoil 5W-30 Pacesetter Header Dual 2.25" Exhaust Magna Flow Highflow Cats Magnaflow Mufflers Search for Duals for pictures :tonguefinger:
  6. I couldn't have said it better myself; though I don't think anyone is being tooooo critial just adding their two sense, which I like. I might be swapping in a 2-in 2-out Maganflow muffler to quite her down a couple dbs. Thanks for the support!!!!!!
  7. LOL, if there is I'd never notice, the outside temp. in Bakersfield, CA has been over 100 F since before I arrived here in June.
  8. LOL, looks, I'll dyno it and we'll have to compair it to the factory specs to see if it was all really about looks. Not that I care, in the end it was still cheaper than replacing the factory exhaust with OEM crap or something like it.
  9. Yeah, I'll post some close ups next week when I drop the tranny for repairs/rebuild. System Set-up Pacesetter Headers 70-1197 armor coated and collectors flanged out to 2.25" $355 Magnaflow Cats Stainless 53004 Universal 3-way 2.25" x 2 $112 Magnaflow Tru X-Crossover Pipe 10790 Stainless 2.25" $72 Magnaflow Mufflers Stainless 4" x 9" Ovals 2.25 " 11365 $132 Aluminized Pipe and labor $650 Total $1321 Actual revs better throughout. Low end torque has increased noticeably which = better performance. It was definitely worth every penny. If you'll notice I had the tail-pipes terminated at the body line which I like compaired to some crappy chrome tip that I would've had to clean weekly. Also, the O2 sensor was installe at the x-pipe to measure accurate ratios.
  10. LOL, 2.25" Pipes from headers back even had the collectors flanged out to 2.25" also.
  11. Ok here is an updated link since the pinned one blows!!!!! Download while the link is still good. This is a link to Digital Copies of Complete Bumper to Bumper Nissan OEM Shop Manuals for 1994 - 2004 Pathfinders http://rapidshare.com/users/BZTM6R Password: pdftown.com
  12. http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?...albumId=1840513 If anyone wants to see it or hear it, hit me up. Located in Bakersfield, CA until October then back to Washington.

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