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  1. I will check that box out. thnx.
  2. Sounds like you'll be playing sooner then me. I may take the pricey easy route and have a local gargage get it going and put the lift in it. I may be going overseas on a contract gig. I'll know more in a week. Good luck with your wiring issue, those are definately no fun someimes. Have a good day.
  3. so whats it going to take to get your 87 useable?
  4. I just purchased my first pathfinder. The person before put one of those 30,000 mile engines from japan in and gave up on it. It has some front clip issues and needs new cv joints in the front but my main concern is that I can't get it running right. I thaught maybe it was timeing but that didn't seem to fix it (though its kinda complicated with it not really running.) It will start then idle up pop and die. My other guess was maybe vacuum issues. Does anyone have any pics to show me the proper routing of things under the hood? For all I know stuff could be backwords and in the wrong place. Or even a pic of an engine with everything removed or plugged that can be without killing the fuel economy. I really like the style of this rig and being in Alaska theres no rust cause we don't use salt, but it need a grill or better yet a whole front clip cause of items missing and bent. If I get this running right I plan to invest alot, I figure if a suzuki sameri can be turned into a cool offroad vehicle then so can this. I will be lifting it atleast six inches and putting a set of 33's under it. I already found heavy duty cv joints to you until I convert it to solid axles. I will be taking picures as the build progress's. Any help on my engine problem would be greatly apreciated.

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