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  1. I wanted to pass on this deal, I just got on a NTKO2 sensor. Got it on Ebay. $15.oo with free shipping! Brand new made in Japan NTK Bulk item . Sealed in shrink wrap and in a plain white box. Looks to be very high quality, just not in the factory NGK/NTK box. It came one day sooner than expected. Its a direct fit, just plug and play. It has the same factory part number. Here us the link. https://www.ebay.com/itm/New-NGK-NTK-Oxygen-Sensor-24157-For-Upstream-Nissan-3-0L-Pathfinder-D21-Pick-Up/360897062126?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  2. If you want to replace your injectors, I would recomend having them cleaned and tested rather than replaced. I just did mine and sent them to Mr. injector. only $17.50 each. The guy was really easy to deal with and a fast turnaround time. If a injector failed the electrical test he wont charge you for the bad ones. (I had two fail and had to buy replacements for those. Here is a link to his site. http://www.mrinjector.us/ Hope this helps.
  3. Thanks for reply. When I get around to doing this I'll try to post some pictures. first I got to pull my subaru engine.
  4. Has anyone tried to install a front crankshaft sleeve on their pathfinder? I installed a new seal about 30K ago and its leaking real bad again. I remember there was a small groove in the crankshaft were the seal rides. The kit comes with an install tool. If you have used one, do I need to remove the oil pump or will it fit by just removing the old seal? also do I need to remove the lip of the sleeve? http://www.rockauto.com/catalog/moreinfo.php?pk=1839096 Thank you.
  5. dirtx

    Tire/Wheel size.

    never mind I just found the info in a search. shoud of done that first!
  6. dirtx

    Tire/Wheel size.

    to change the speedo gearing, Is it in the cluster or on the trans? Thanks
  7. Hey, I have a 94' SE with 31x10.5x15 tires and stock 7" wheels. Iwoul like to put smaller tires like 235/75x15 on the 7" wheels. I know that size tire has a 6" wheel. has anyone done this? Thanks
  8. Ya i was talking about the rear links. Nissan does call them Upper and Lower control arms, Thanks for all you help. Hopefully when Im done, it gets rid of the wobble on bumps and corners. after 250K miles I guess i should of replaced them a lot sooner!
  9. They look great. I used a similar design back in the day with a 2wd class 7s truck.It held up to all the abuse i could give it. I replaced my bushings but I need to redue them cause the factory holes are bugged out. I plan to just open the hole up a bit and insert a pipe "slice" the size needed to fit the tension rods. and weld in place. If these become avalible i would be most interested. Thanks for your hard work.
  10. Thank you all. looks like they are two diferent ones. I have a press at work, that shouldent be a problem. When I get some cash I'll try and post some pictures. about a month from now. Thanks again Found 4 each upper and lower factory bushings for $165 shipped. I think ill go that rout instead of poly. Thanks again
  11. 270K to the best of my recolection. PS I have CRS disiese.
  12. I did see a post some time ago for rear control arm bushings. I cant find it now. Could some one please let me know if energy suspention makes replacements? Or I can look it up if someone could tell me the size of the bushing. Im also confused on the names, control arm, or link arm. there is a lower and a upper.Are they the same size? Thanks a bunch O ya its a 1994.
  13. Simple Green solution in a bucket and a scrub brush, works real well. and use a wett dry vacume to vacume up the excess water. rinse a coulpe of times and vacume up again. This works great and is cheeper and smells better than any spot remover or carpet shampoo Ive tried.
  14. thanks for all the info, looks like i need new lug nuts. If i get them il shoot top hat a pm. I put those same toyota wheels on my old isuzu pup. they fit perfect. thanks again.

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