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  1. robg

    5spd installed

    installed and working , now some wiring and a few things in the interior.....
  2. installed wheels and completed 5spd swap on my new project, 255/70/r16 on white spokes so far less than $1000 spent.

  3. Transmission is in, and now just putting the rest of the pieces back together in the interior , will have pics soon....
  4. robg

    trans swap

    ">"> 92 pathfinder dismantled and now the 5spd and a bit more to remove then on to the `95 second image
  5. robg

    Project underway

    pics of the two pathfinders day 1 More to come..
  6. robg

    transmission swap

    Not to worry, Thanks for the good comment, those who don`t me shouldn`t throw stones, Started working on moving all the parts from my `02 pathfinder standard trans to my 1995 nice to have a full shop to work in....
  7. robg

    transmission swap

    Yes easily done, just change the the sensor in the the transfer case, both should be a TX10.
  8. Will post some pics as I have now just purchased a `92 for $250 bucks with a 5spd will be converting my `95 to a 5spd thanks everyone the fun is just beginning,
  9. going one better, the auto tranny in my `95 was worse than I was hoping after getting it out so I found a `92 pathfinder with a 5spd and now converting my `95 to a 5spd.
  10. I needed the money for my business and sold my 98, But just got a ~95 for a project ($500 bucks) and now a ~92 for parts, swapping the ~92s 5spd into the `95 right now
  11. robg

    transmission swap

    Thanks I have done a bit of searching and found a good article on 96-99, but not a lot of detail on earlier model swaps, bought my parts truck today $250 bucks complete, and start this weekend on the project...
  12. I have a 1995 pathfinder with a blown auto trans and can get a 1992 parts truck with a 5spd will the 5 spd from the `92 go into the 1995 and has anyone done this
  13. I just purchased a 1995 Pathfinder se with sport package for $500 , my new project, needs reverse band fixed ( no reverse) and a few things only one small rust hole in frame and a good clean up, 211,000 km. Should be a great suv to replace my 1998 pathfinder se

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