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  1. Well I got it running and back on the trail. Come to find out the reason it mess up was because the aftermarket cooler line was pinched between the bumper and the cross member at the front. This is why it melted. The lube goes from the cooler to the output shaft and runs up the shaft and lubes along the way. The last thing in line is the melted planetary set. I hope this can help someone else.
  2. bobber

    Transmission Woes

    To me it sounds like an electrical issue. If the TPS is out of adjustment it could cause all sorts of problems like delayed shift, hard shift. Also if the pressure regulator is messing around it could cause hard engagements and hard shifts. If it started all of a sudden it could be something like this. With my experience things like this probably have a simple solution. Good luck with it.
  3. Well I finally got around to pulling it out and ripping it apart. I found out it had a rebuilt tranny in it and it is hard to tell how long ago. When I pulled it apart I had to pry it apart. It when I got it apart I found the front planetary carrier planet gears to be seized. This reacted just like the forward clutch being stuck. It was a lack of lube to it. When I took it out I found someone installed a cheep tranny cooler without a low temp bypass. Without the bypass the fluid in the cooler gels and the tranny lacks lube and overheats the tranny at extreme cold temps. My question to anyone is does anyone know were a person can get used tranny hard parts without having to buy a whole used tranny? All I need is a planetary carrier, sun gear and holder. When I find that all I need is seal kit and I'm back in business.
  4. Thanks for the replys guys. I don't think it is the convertor because it would die in park and it still free wheels. As for the shift solonoids if there is no power and no pressure it should disenguage and be able to roll backward. The shift linkage is fine as well but thanks for the input. Has anyone else seen this? Guess I am going tot have to bite the bullet and take it out.
  5. I am new to the forum but I just bought a 90 pathfinder for almost nothing because of the tranny problems. The guy said it didn't have reverse but it is much more than that. I used to work at a dealer and personally rebuilt about 20 of these trannys and the only thing that I would see was no reverse and this was always caused by a blown seal on the low and reverse brake. This tranny is nothing like that at all. It seems to always start in second and go to third but that is all. There is no neutral, it just acts like drive, and park also loads up. If it is rolling and you put it into reverse it just stops dead. You can't even roll it backward even when the truck is shut off. You have to put the transfercase in neutral just to roll it backward. Has anyone seen this. I am going to pull it but I would like to see if anyone has seen this before.

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