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  1. I have a 1992 Factory Service Manual (FSM) It's really the only thing you should want/Need and with our pathfinder being no longer with us. I'd love to sell it to someone who could really use it. PM me.
  2. It's a 95 XE. While it looks ok in pictures it has all the typical pathfinder rust (No driver side floorpan). I told the salesman how the hell did this thing pass inspection it has no floor pan. Rest of it was ok. Frame was better then any I've seen but starting to flake on the inside... So we passed on it. They wanted too much money for too much work.
  3. there we go I thought I recognized the lettering. It's in really good shape (and rust free which is super rare) We're going to go look at it.
  4. Never heard of it. Is it a trim package? A used car salesman is selling this truck. What was in the outback package (if there is one) http://kijiji.ebayimg.com/i4/05/k/000/79/f...G?set_id=1C4000
  5. Well hopefully the girlfriend wants this truck Can't say the color works for me but hey.
  6. Great job! didn't know I could just cut out the rear rails like that. So you just cut them out fixed it and welded them back in? I'm so doing that. Truck has been parked for a few weeks now. After this cold spell is over might have to tackle it.
  7. I might in a couple weeks depending on whether my GF replaces her Pathy with a Jeep or another Nissan.
  8. Just a quick questions does the front clip from a 90-95 pathfinder fit older model pathfinders? How about suspension components? We have a 92 SE with frame cancer and an 87 2door came up for sale with front end damage. I'm not too concerned with suspension parts as the 87 is a "show truck" with lift kit already.
  9. Yeah 200$ Not really worth the hassle. I regret not doing myself I have the skills but at the time didn't have the time or space.
  10. I'll get you some when I go wash the truck before final storage.
  11. After thinking our rear springs were sagging I finally decided to take a closed look. Dissapointed to find out the gentlemen we trusted to weld some plates to strengthen our rotting frame didn't and simply painted over some seam sealer. The frame cracked at the forward fuel tank brace(panhard bar mount) and it split all the way from there to the back down the middle top and bottom and verticly at the brace. The other frame rail shows stress crack as well but not as bad. Going to have to lift the body off to fix this one... Not worth it right now in the dead of winter and no garage. So lesson learned even those you trust might screw you. at least now I've got my own welder and god willing a garage soon.
  12. YOu'll notice on older vehicles the seats are often cocked/crooked towards the inside(cause by people looking over theire shoulder) This is because the rails get out of alignment one is further forward then the other. Check to see if your rails are still square. (measure diagonally) they probably aren't
  13. Is that a bear Brushgard? I have one too but no clue how to mount it since I'm missing the brakets adn the company is no longer in business. If it is could you take some pictures of the mounting area so I can fab up something.
  14. I have a 1980 f150 parts truck do the coils from that year fit the path? How much lift?

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