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  1. so i live in johnstown pennsylvania and recently we got about 29 inches of snow. so i was driving and most of the snow was cleaned aaway but my car decides to just shut off. I put oil in it and got it rolled into a local gas station but it still wouldnt start. So i pt some dry gas in the tank thinking maybe it was froze still with no luck. I Let it sit 5 minuts and tried again. it started sat at idle for 2 seconds and then stopped. Can any of you guys please help me figure out whats wrong?
  2. mechanic looked it over. not in the rear end. front end actually. he thinks its my alignment. its heading out to the shop tomorrow. had to replace the lower ball joints today first thought. i actually just bought a nissan 240sx so the pathfinder might be getting put away for summer anyways but ill check back tomorrow
  3. well thanks for the help My mechanic actually has it right now and i told him to check all the things you guys listed Now i have to wait and see what he says It was pretty funny. i went mudding yesterday and he goes "how the hell am i supposed to see anything under here when i cant tell which part is which?" lol
  4. So i have a 1991 nissan pathfinder SE-V6 and just recently it started to kinda rock back and forth whenever i hit the gas while going around a turn. sometimes the wobble turns violent and the only way to stop it is to lay off the gas. i thought it was the shocks so i went and replaced them but the problem persists. The problem seems to be in the rear end. Does anybody have any idea what could be causing this and how i can stop it?

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