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im gunna add a few non technical ACRONYMS of my own on this here old thread!!!


HONDA - had one never do it again!


FIAT - fix it again Tony!


PONTIAC - poor old nanny thinks its a caddillac!



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Tpi also means tuned port injection

I have a 87 iroc with a 305 with the tpi intake

No it doesn't. They just tell you that to make you feel better because you have a 87 Chevy Camaro... :lol:


Just out of curiosity, do you have a mullet? :D



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Haha yep but this winter im putting the motor and tranny from one to the other so i have a close to show car got the first one 3 years ago and the body is shot bought the new one last week and body is perfect but it dosent have a motor or tranny

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Drips Oil Drops Grease Everywhere


Another Crappy Useless Rotten Automobile


Needs Instant Service Stop At Napa


Had One Never Did Again

"Had One Never Did Again" - I can't stop laughing now, thanks for this, you just made my day, haha!

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Ugh.. It is spelled Camaro


Just razzing you Bud, all in fun...

Good luck with the motor swap, I hope it all works out nicely. :aok:










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Hahaha! Some good stuff here, surprised I've only stumbled upon it now. Guess I'll add a few:


Damn Old Dodge Goes Everywhere

Damn Oil Damn Gas Eater

F'd Over Rebuilt Dodge

Driver Returns On Foot (FORD in the mirror)

Can't Have Every Vagina Yo

Greatest Machine Created

Italian Retard Out Cruising ;)


All in good fun!

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