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02 Brakes on 97

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Been running the 2002 brakes on my 97 R50 for a while now and they are worth the swap for sure. The stopping distance is much improved, especially with the drilled and slotted rotors I put on. The rotors went up from 11.1" diameter stock to 11.77" after the conversion. 


If you want to make this a fully bolt on set up, you will need the spindles that go along with the larger calipers. Other wise you will have to drill the two 17MM holes out on the spindes for the larger 19MM bracket bolts to fit through. This is the only major drilling/modifacation needed to fit these parts. Once the holes are drilled everything bolts on and fits factory. You have to drill very slow with oil (I used rapid tap) and maybe sacrifice an old bit as these spindles are very hard steel. The Dust shield also will be too small for the larger rotors, but that's nothing a hammer can't handle. You can either flatten out your original dust shield or simply bolt on the 2002. You can use your original hub and bearings if you like or swap.


Parts used for upgrade and caliper rebuild:


Rotors     JBR917XPR PowerStop

Pads     EHT855H Raybestos

Slide pin/boots      H15165 / H16043 Raybestos

Hose     0731621 Beck/Arnley

Caliper seals 15215 Carlson

01-04 Pathfinder Calipers/Brackets 



01-04 Spindles (no drilling required)

01-04 Dust shield


Before rebuilding the calipers I sand blasted the brackets and calipers, then painted them with a high heat engine paint and they were ready to rock! This was the smoothest brake install I've ever had on a vehicle so the work was well worth it in the end.








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My next project is trying to see if my old brakes will fit on a WD21 so if anyone has messurments or has attemped that shoot info my way. Otherwise give me a few weeks WD21 people and I'll let you know. All I know is WD21 rotors are 10.8"~ and the bracket bolts are the same distance apart.

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