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SECU removal

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Does anyone have experience removing the brain for the keyless entry system? I've troubleshot everything else regarding my intermittent fob and while it works significantly better than before it is still not great. I've located the unit under the wheel but am not sure the best way to remove it to inspect. If I am able to remove it will my fob or key need to be reprogrammed? Also, will removing it set my alarm off?? I'm a newbie with this sort of tinkering and would appreciate any advice.

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If they are the same as the one on my 2002 Xterra (I assume they're very similar) you won't have to reprogram if you remove it but if you replace it you definitely will. I replaced mine after a bad overcharging alternator killed it. Had to reprogram both fobs.


Removing it will disable the alarm, remote locks (maybe power locks all together), dome lights, the ability to roll the windows up and down with the key off before you open the doors. All that "stuff".


Unplugging it to inspect it wouldn't be any different to it than disconnecting the battery under the hood.

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