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2016 Pathfinder Keyless push start button not recognizing fob.


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Hi to everyone!  We own a 2016 Pathfinder and we lost one of the key fobs, me trying to prevent from spending a big amount of cash if we loose the second one I purchased an after market one to program and cut, well happens that in the prosees of programming something went wrong and now both keys are not working. 
   Does someone know what may be the problem or the solution??  Any fees back would be totally appreciated 

   Atte: Candiman 

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Hi!  Everyone just to let you know I have solved my dilema. 
      I bought this car used so I have no clear history of it.
   I call the dealer and they say most likely I have to tow my car to the dealer buy new key and get it programmed. It would cost me around $450 to $600 if it was just this the problem. 
    Service department isn’t open in Sunday a lease the dealer close to home, so I decide give it one more try.   I decide started with checking all fuses even the ones not related to the start system, all check good, and move on with the push start button and there I go to desensamble it. Guess what? 
   The push/start button is placed  in a case or frame that actually is the immobilizer antena, I notice that maybe just maybe someone already played with the push start button and  well for wherever reason this antena was unplugged, I guess thats why wasn’t recognizing the frequency of the key fob. After plugged it in,  charging the car battery, confirming that the key fob battery was in good conditions I cross my fingers and give it a push waola!!! Key recognized and engine running. 
   I decide to add the outcome of my situation thinking  it may be of a help to someone. 
    Have a good one everyone!! 

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