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Door Locks... What's the actual Fix?


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From the "Read First" Section:


"Power Door Locks locking or unlocking on their own


Sometimes during cold weather, hot weather, or just for no reason at all, the power door locks will either pop back up after locking or stay locked without letting the lock cylinder turn and unlock the door. The mechanical assembly connecting the lock cylinder itself to the inner door lock and armatures are mated by the use of small plastic parts that wear out and then break over time."


In the previous paragraph, there is no actual "Fix" discussed. Or did I do it again and miss it?


A little background on mine: The drivers side lock cylinder was broken and the core had rotted out and did not work when initially purchased. When cold, the doors would periodically re-lock when trying to unlock from the passenger's side. Circa 2014, the driver's side lock cylinder was replaced with new and new key. Operation from driver's side is slow in the winter and frequently resists unlocking and frequently re-locks. I'm 98% under the impression that it's the actuator that needs service/lube/replacement or complete disconnection from the system if unserviceable. But in lieu of recent problems that didn't meet my troubleshooting experiences, What's the actual fix?


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It is the door lock timer box itself. Mine did it as well. Only in the cold weather, it was due to the solder joints cracking on the board. I re flowed the solder on them and never had another problem. IIRC it is behind the panel in the drivers side cargo area. Just have someone actuate the locks and you'll hear it.

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