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Hello. My name is Michael S. I'm 60 years young. I've owned a 1996 Pathy, which got totaled by a teenage girl driving her Daddy's Cadillac, running a stop sign. My next car was a 1999 Pathy which I just totaled on 10/03/22 after driving it for 15 years. Partly my fault and partly the Kentucky farmer pulling a cow trailer at 25 mph, not looking in his rearview, with dust covering the turn signal so I couldn't see it, who eventually, slowly, started turning left into his driveway, just as it was too late for me to stop or slow much, from the passing lane I was in. I chose to swerve right and hit the empty cow trailer as opposed to hitting his driver side in the passing lane. Made contact at a 45* angle going right, with wheels locked and skidding. Continued skidding thru a shallow, wide ditch, thru a barbed wire fence and 40 or 50 more feet into a farmer's field. Ya, I was doing about 70 in a 55 zone, but even if I was doing 55 I would have still hit him, just not going as fast at impact. I estimate I was doing about 55 at impact. Could have been a different result if his trailer blinkers weren't so dusty or if he were looking in his rearview. He would have seen me in the passing lane well before he started turning.

       Anyways, I just replaced the 99 Pathy with a 2010 Xterra and am quite pleased with my find. I plan to re-build the 99 and was searching for parts when I found this site. Glad to be here. I'm also considering buying another 99 Pathy that I found while searching for something newer, just for a spare vehicle. Since I've found so many sites with 99 Pathy parts available, I believe I'm gonna buy the 99 with 173,000 miles. $3500.

     So, I'll have my new Xterra, the "new" 99 Pathy and my old 99 Pathy (to re-build). Wish me luck. 

Happy Pathing to you all. Mike S.

P.S......Maybe later I will upload pics of the wrecked 99 and the new Xterra. Too late now. Good night.

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