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R50 Front Quarter Panels (pre and post face lift cross compatible?)


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Hi Guys, do you know if pre and post facelift panels are compatible.


I need new quarter panels for my pre face lift (they are rusting out), but all I can find is post face lift panels.


If you know anywhere which still has pre-facelift panels available that would rock too!


PS - how about inifinity quarter panels?  Will they fit?



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I think I answered my own question...  Looks like the headlights and bumper attachment are different.


SO   if anyone has a link to pre-facelift quarter panels, that would rock my world.


That asside I'm looking at a 1999 QX4 which might be rust free. 


My 3.3L engine and all suspention parts should be able to move over correct?


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As mine is a 97 with facelift swap ill tell you there is a lot of differences.


To facelift swap you will need:

-Front fenders



-Maker lights


-Healight bezels


I will also note :

-Without changing the hood release latch it is a fight to open.

-The pre and post facelift fender flares are different and the facelift rear flares wont fit on the rear quarters as the holes are in different spots.

-The pre facelift bumper is the stronger bumper but leaves a gap between it and the post facelift.

-You will have to wire the new headlight connector on. 3 wires per side, very easy.

-If you keep the pre facelift buper and go post facelift front clip (like mine) because of signal light position, you will have to wire up the new signal light as marker lights. Super easy 2 wires.


To summarize doing the swap is a matter of personal opinion and i choose to do it. I think it adds a much needed update but without a parts vehicle or finding one in the local jumckyard in the same color with no rust it may be more effort and cost than its worth.


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