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Gentlemen, I have a 99LE that needs new seats. I’ve looked through the junkyard for a few months and all the seats I find are in the same condition. So that got me to wondering, I wonder if any of Nissan‘s other models seats would fit the Pathfinders? Has anybody tried this? I would think that maybe the Maxima or the Altima would be the best choice, but of course there is the Quest. What do you guys think?

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I don't know of a direct bolt-in upgrade, but you can make just about anything fit if you don't mind modifying the seat/tracks. This guy used Mustang seats in a WD21 and seemed pretty happy with them. I'd say sit in some cars at the wreckers, see what feels good/is in good shape, and start comparing measurements. I would avoid seats with power everything, seems like that could turn into a science project. Newer stuff will likely have airbags in the seats. I would also avoid newer Hondas, as the two CRVs my mom had ('07 and '13) had some of the worst seats I've ever sat in.


How bad are your existing seats? If it's just a seam that's gone, that's not hard to sew up once you've got the upholstery off. I "rebuilt" my driver's seat recently with a fresh foam pad from a junk passenger's seat and fresh vinyl where it needed it. It's not going to Pebble Beach, but I'm pretty happy with the result, and it wasn't really all that difficult, though a pair of hog ring pliers and a sewing machine would've made it go much faster.

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Should be pretty straight forward, re-use the seat runners that fix to the pathfinder floor, and adapt the new new seats to those is the easiest way I have found in the past. Generally you can run two flat bars between the factory runners (bolt them to the floor minus the seats to get them in the right spot and get your measurements for the bar) and then drill them to fit the new seat mount points.


You might luck out and have new seats with the same pickup points and just bolt the Pathfinder runners up to the new seat with no adapter plates needed.


Back 20 years ago when my mates and I got into cars we used to go to the local wreckers and find cool/nicer seats than our S#!t heaps had and swap them over. Anything is possible with some time and a few beers.


Points to keep in mind that caught us out a couple of times, the height/thickness of the seat bases, I had a Subaru Brumby/Brat and fitted Toyota seats in it and they were heaps lower than the Subaru seats, this wasn't an issue for me as I am tall, but a buddy tried to use the Subaru seats in his hatch back and his head was hitting the roof.

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For what it’s worth, you can swap seat fabric/leather between passenger and drivers seat. Just need hog rings, hog ring pliers and a box cutter. Looks oem if you take your time 

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