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Intermittent no crank no start after a drive


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Now that I've gone down a promising path on one of my intermittent issues I'd like to see if anyone might have any insight to this other one. I never have a problem starting my 95 Pathfinder when it's cold cold like has been sitting overnight or longer. Sometimes though, I'll take a trip and let the car hang out for anywhere from 5 minutes - 1 hour and when I get back in and turn the key, I get a no crank no start. All the other electronics work and come on and after 1-4 turns of the key it'll start right up. 


Just today I took a 160 mile day trip to see how my IAC and throttle body cleanup felt. I drove the first 85~ miles, parked and left the car for 5 minutes or so and when I came back it took 3 tries to start. I took 2 more stops on my way home and when I got back into the car those times it started right up each time. 


Maybe the starter switch is going bad? 

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It could be the ignition switch going bad. You could hot wire it or bypass it to see. I'd check your connections to make sure they're not loose or corroded. Check the voltages too as well as the starter relay..

I had the same issues and replaced the ignition switch and so far no problems.

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Good info thanks - it's been popping up periodically and it seems to require a couple of more turns than before so I'm going to check the ignition switch this week before it turns into a bigger issue. 

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