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4 Button Key Fob - Rear Hatch


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SO i ordered a set of the key fobs linked to see if i would be able to program the latch to the fobs. On my last R50 and when i got this one, the keys i had only had the 3 button fob but also had the hatch pull latch in the door.


I programed the fobs for lock and unlock, tested and they worked fine. at that point i tested to see if the hatch would open from the fob but no luck. i could hear a relay toggle when i pressed it but not sure what it was, sounded kind of like the blinker relay but the blinkers/hazards didn't flash.


At that point, i figured id give something a try. I followed the same programming sequence but instead of pressing the lock button on the fob to program it, i pressed the hatch button on the fob. The fob still lock s and unlocks, it still does not open the hatch but, it also no longer makes the relay noise i was hearing at first.


So the 4th button is/was communicating with something


Has anyone/is it possible to program the key fob to open the rear glass hatch?



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The fob can't be used to open the rear glass hatch.  The keyless entry system doesn't support it.


Both of my fobs are non-OE 3-button, but both circuit chips have 4 buttons.  The hidden 4th button on mine sets off the panic mode.

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Ditto - though only USDM ‘03 & ‘04 Pathfinders have the remote hatch release anyway. It existed earlier in the QX4 (how much earlier I’m uncertain but I know the ‘02s had it). I’m told you can retrofit the remote release. [mention=32880]ferrariowner123[/mention] did it to his ‘96 & kindly gave me an excess harness for it years ago - I have yet to get around to it.




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This topic has reminded me that my knock-off fob case is due for replacement.  It's such a knock-off that it says "Calsonis Kansel" instead of the actual OEM company Calsonic Kansei.

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